The line is like a wave in the space. It surges and rolls, grows and swells. The hand tries to catch the rhythm of the waves, trying to achieve something similar. The shaky marks left by the pencil expand and find their place on the printing surfaces as enormous churning masses of lines. They appear as limited samples of movement and in one’s mind they extend beyond the edges, filling up the entire space.

I am a visual artist (MFA) living and working in Helsinki, Finland. My artistic work is based on reflecting the meanings of medium, material and time in the context of printmaking. The artworks are centered around what is created at the interface between drawing and printmaking. These two methods serve as a platform for exploring line, repetition and color. The proportions, material content and environment of the drawn line change through the printing process. The outcome created at the interface between the two is recognizable, yet unfamiliar.

My recent works have been inspired by playing with the measures and spaciousness of a trace. A drawing the size of a matchbox is stretched to the maximum and it becomes a surface covering the wall. The enlargement brings you closer to the core and content of the line. At the same time, the line has grown into something else – like a coloured projection of the original.

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